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The Boss, Silo Cleaning Machine

Boss Cleaning Machine

The Boss

The Boss moves more material than any other method. It minimizes downtime, speeds cleaning and represents a field proven technique used on hundreds of silos throughout the United States.

The most powerful system available in the U.S. is a unique clean-out head, The Boss, that removes the most material buildup in the least amount of time, making it the most efficient and cost-effective system available. The Boss is designed to accommodate variable attachments which are selected by our field crews to match the type of material being removed. The Boss operates in a systematic pattern within the silo to remove the toughest build-ups.

The Boss is two-thirds more powerful than whip and pneumatic cleaning systems. By removing more material faster and with more efficiency than any other clean-out method, The Boss accelerates the cleaning process. The Boss minimizes downtime and out time on-site, providing immediate cost-savings.