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Jumpform and Silpform Silos | Ask Mr. Silo Blog
Posted by Dennis Blauser, October 1, 2020

The two most common systems for constructing a concrete silo are Jumpform and Slipform. Concrete storage silos from 10' to 65' in diameter can be built using the Jumpform technique, while Slipform silos are best for construction projects over 65' in diameter.

Jumpform construction is one of the most flexible silo construction methods available in the industry today. So is the Slipform method. There are absolutely no shortcuts to either method because safety and performance remain at the forefront of every silo project. So, what determines the construction approach?

Jumpform construction is not as time sensitive as Slipform. Jumpform is completed in stages, offering some economies of scale associated with equipment installation, reinforcing steel assembly, rebar inspection and concrete pour to cure.

Jumpform can be the most economical construction choice. The form can be set-up and ready to make the first pour of concrete within a week. Because Jumpform is poured in increments, pour costs can be reduced by as much as 20% over Slipform construction where a continuous pour is required.

The Jumpform silo framework is reusable. It takes just a few days to set up after delivery to the job site. This form provides a safe, circular deck to access and erect the silo from the interior, creating a smaller job site footprint. When construction is finished, the form is quickly removed from the job site.

Marietta Silos' standard Jumpform horizontal construction joint detail creates a leak-proof joint system and is the best choice for concrete storage silos less than 65’ in diameter. Jumpform silos are poured in multiple sequences as opposed to a single sequence in the Slipform method. Therefore, an allowance in the time schedule permits a thorough quality control inspections of the Jumpform, steel reinforcements and embedments. Only then is the concrete segment poured.

Marietta Silos is the only Jumpform manufacturer in the country that complies with OSHA 125' scaffolding requirements.

While Jumpform is an ideal method for building concrete silos less than 65' in diameter, Slipform construction offers many advantages in larger scale silo design and construction; these are described separately.

To learn the step-by-step Jumpform process and to understand its efficiencies, watch our Jumpform silo video.

Check out our full library of silo inspection videos on silo maintenance, inspection and repair on our .

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