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Silo Cleaning Case Histories

Florida Cement Company Material Buildup

Inspection, cleaning, and maintenance services of cement storage silo that had not been cleaned in 15 years.

Storage Dome Cleaning and Inspection

USA Silos assisted a client with their 125' tall by 180' diameter cement storage dome.

Multi-Discharge Hopper Clean-Out

This customer reported fly ash build-up above the silo cone level that resulted in voids commonly referred to as "rat holes." USA Silo Service used a proprietary method to force built up material down into the open discharge points at the cone.

Coal Build Up Cleaning

This customer reported coal build-up in the silo above the cone level and discharge chutes. Some of the discharge chutes are plugged at the bottom of the cone causing material build-up and slower throughput when discharging material causing process issues with delays. This build-up also caused asymmetric flow that was damaging the silo wall.

Gypsum Byproduct Silo Cleaning

This customer experienced a significant issue with product build up around the walls of their gypsum silo. The build up created a ‘rat hole’ down the center that allowed for some product flow, but it was very restrictive. In addition to the byproduct flow restriction, the silo's storage space was reduced by 75%, causing significant issues with production. The gypsum had to be removed more frequently, which resulted in a bottle neck in productivity.

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