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The Different Levels of Silo Inspection
Posted by Dennis Blauser, December 16, 2021
Regular silo inspections can help identify issues to be addressed before they cause irreparable damage. However, when it comes to the proper intervals for silo inspections, many factors, including how often you keep your silo topped off and what kind of material you store, can impact silo performance as well as how often your silo should be inspected. Silo inspection and maintenance allows you to increase the useful life of your silo, reduce unplanned downtime, and uphold production goals. What's more, the lack of silo maintenance is a leading cause of silo failure. In short, sticking to a regular silo inspection schedule with a trusted professional silo inspection company pays for itself.
Marietta Silos offers three silo inspection levels, each of which can be augmented with our A.I. Supplemental Inspection service. The A.I. Supplemental Inspection service uses drone capture technology, proprietary software, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms that identify even the smallest defects, map precise locations, and rank issues in order of severity. It's also the only service of its kind in the U.S., offered exclusively by Marietta Silos and can be used as a standalone service between regular inspections. When used annually, you get an accurate, comprehensive portfolio to better track silo defect changes.
Basic - A thorough silo inspection that includes observing silo walls, the foundation, and the roof as viewable from the ground (or other locations, when available). The basic inspection level may also include observation of the silo discharge area, if possible.
Augmented - Includes all observation points from the basic silo inspection level in addition to concrete sounding to check for delamination and thickness testing of the exposed silo cone area. The silo interior may also be inspected as needed and possible through vessel entry and/or roof and wall openings. When required, a silo design engineer will then review inspection findings. Overall, this is a more thorough examination.
Comprehensive - The comprehensive silo inspection level builds on levels 1 and 2 to provide the most extensive silo inspection level available. In addition to the areas of observation from the first two levels, the comprehensive silo inspection level also uses exterior and interior riggings for silo wall examination and the services of a senior silo design engineer.
The Marietta Silos inspection program is designed to meet the needs of any industry. Contact us today to schedule a silo inspection.
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