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Silo inspection Can Add Years to Your Silo
Posted by Dennis Blauser, January 13, 2022
Preventive maintenance is crucial when it comes to silos. Failing to complete preventive maintenance is a leading cause of costly, dangerous silo failure. Addressing minor issues as soon as they arise helps keep the costs of silo ownership low as major repairs, emergencies and structural failures are more expensive up front, take longer to correct and inevitably result in unplanned downtime. So how do you know how to prevent major issues when maintaining your silo?
While you can, and should, regularly examine your silo exterior for any signs of cracks, obvious damage or changes, professional silo inspection is the only way to identify essential preventive maintenance needs. Professional silo inspection covers more areas of the silo than an in-house inspection. Trained silo inspectors or silo engineers examine your silo(s) in-depth to look for serious issues and provide preventive maintenance suggestions that can help keep your silo in the best shape possible.
We offer three different silo inspection levels to meet the needs of any industry. From basic and augmented to comprehensive silo inspection or any level supplemented with our AI inspection service, our silo inspection components include examining key areas of potential failures, such as foundations, walls and roofs.
Prevention is the most effective method to ensure the integrity and continued operation of your silo. Regular maintenance and inspections can increase the life of your silo and ensure the safety of those working around your structures. Through inspection and maintenance, you increase the useful life of your silo, reduce unplanned downtime, and uphold production goals. What's more, the lack of silo maintenance is a leading cause of failure. The costs of keeping up with preventive maintenance are significantly lower than the price of major repairs or construction after a structural failure.
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