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Silo Maintenance Case Histories

Leaking metal storage building roofs?

Market: Aviation

Material Stored: Aircraft hanger

Issue: Leaking metal, low pitch roof.

Silo metal roof repair

Does your facility have metal roofs on storage buildings that are leaking? Metal roofs are durable, but like all types of roofing materials, they must be maintained. A leaking metal roof is typically past the maintenance phase and requires repairs.

Pictured right is a typical metal roof that has been leaking for a quite a while. Once the roof has reached this state, metal repairs must be made prior to coating the roof for the longevity of the existing roof. Repairing a deteriorated section of this nature is critical prior to adding the specified coating. Pictured far right (top) is the same vent, once the metal roof deck has been repaired and coated.

Silo roof repair

The metal roof pictured right (middle) is being prepped for coating. It has been completely pressure washed and deteriorated metal has been replaced. The brighter white on the silver colored roof is a fibrous, rubber filler material used in conjunction with a durable mesh. The long straight lines are the seams in the metal roofing material. Rectangles pictured above are skylights in the roof. These areas have either already experienced leaks or have the most potential for leaking to occur. For the skylights, the clear top coat provides the same durability while allowing light to penetrate the large building.

Silo Metal Roof Repair

Pictured right (bottom) is the repaired and coated roof with joints filled and the rubberized top coat, which adheres directly to the metal or filler material, applied. The top coat is available in a variety of colors and is applied via roller or spray on the average of six (6) mils thick. The rubberized top coat has the flexibility to maintain its integrity through the changing seasons insuring roofs do not leak. This is a proven industrial roof coating system that can be utilized on metal or concrete roofs to keep the elements out and the inside dry.




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