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Case Histories

Gypsum Byproduct Silo Cleaning

Issue: Material build up caused a lack of flow and decreased the material storage space.

This customer experienced a significant issue with product build up around the walls of their gypsum silo. The build up created a ‘rat hole’ down the center that allowed for some product flow, but it was very restrictive. In addition to the byproduct flow restriction, the silo's storage space was reduced by 75%, causing significant issues with production. The gypsum had to be removed more frequently, which resulted in a bottle neck in productivity.

USA Silo Service was brought in to use the latest technology in silo cleaning to return the silo to its designed capacity by removing the built up material. To loosen the hardened material in this silo, employees worked from the bottom up using the Boss cleaning machine to complete the job as quickly as possible. The silo had a conveyor system below the hopper that carried the material to dump trucks for final disposal.

In a matter of a few days the job was completed and the silo was back on-line. With the build up removed, this gypsum byproduct silo is now utilized to its full storage capacity. After the successful cleaning, the production cycle was returned to normal efficiencies and resulted in another satisfied customer.

Pictured below is the gypsum byproduct silo before cleaning. This image shows the view up into the silo from the discharge area, with a clear image of the 16 foot ‘rat hole’ running through the center of the silo. This 'rat hole' went up through the material for approximately 40 feet.


Coal Build Up Cleaning

Market: Mining

Material Stored: Coal

Issue: Multi-discharge hopper clean out for improved material flow.

Coal Build Up - Silo CleaningThis customer reported coal build-up in the silo above the cone level pictured here. Some of the discharge chutes are plugged at the bottom of the cone causing material build-up and slower throughput when discharging material causing process issues with delays. This build-up also caused asymmetric flow that was damaging the silo wall. USA Silo Service deployed proprietary equipment to lower the coal material level, while forcing the residual material down and through open discharge points in the cone. As this was completed, a different proprietary machine was deployed to complete the cleaning process down into cone while avoiding any damage to the existing stainless steel cone liner.


This photo above the cleaned hopper illustrates the discharge points which are completely free of coal material or build up. By eliminating this blockage, the facility process could return to maximum efficiency utilizing the bulk coal storage silo. This project represents fast, professional services managed by the USA Silo project management and field crews using proprietary equipment and cleaning methods.