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Clogged or Slow Running Silos Signify Material Flow Problems
Posted by Dennis Blauser, December 6, 2021
While silo cleaning may initially seem like a silo cost of ownership you need to factor, it can save you money and help you stick to production schedules. A clogged silo can cause several problems that impact efficiency and lead to reduced profits. When stored material becomes compacted or builds up on interior walls, it can prevent a silo from reaching its full storage capacity. Once a silo begins to lose flow, this accelerates the buildup over time and can lead to additional blockages.
Clogged or slow running silos signify that material is not properly flowing through the silo. In addition to reducing storage capacity and slowing production, this also jeopardizes the silo's structural integrity. Proper material flow through the silo is critical to the longevity of the structure. Poor material flow can create a range of problems in loading/unloading efficiency, uneven internal loading and even lead to wall failure due to unequal pressure distribution.
Proper silo cleaning and care will increase your silo's useable lifespan and minimize big-ticket repair and cleaning costs. It can also allow you to recover stagnant material that has built up inside the silo. In short, material flow issues don't just hamper productivity; they can also lead to silo damage or failure. When it comes to saving costs on your silo cleaning, it doesn't pay to wait. There are few things as expensive as unplanned downtime.
USA Silo Service is your go-to silo cleaning company for expert silo cleaning. Our team of experts is equipped with the industry's best silo cleaning techniques and proprietary equipment, so the job is done quickly and correctly. No matter your silo type or stored material, we clean it all. USA Silo Service also provides vacuum truck and material disposal services to assist in removing and relocating silo debris.
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