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Silo Maintenance Case Histories

Grout Finish on Two Clarifying Units - KY

Market: Power

Material Stored: Bottom Ash in Water

Issue: Needed smooth, top layer of grout on the bottom of two clarifier units.

Silo MaintenanceBottom ash is a by-product of a coal-burning power generation facility. After the coal has been consumed, bottom ash remains and must be removed from the bottom of the boilers which typically consists of various metals, slate, and rock.

The first image to the right is the bottom of the clarifying tank. As you can see, the bottom is sloped to assist in the flow of the bottom ash solution. The tank bottom is made to specification, but with a 2” below grade so the grout can be added. The grout allows for a smoother finish for increased flow of the bottom ash.

Silo cleaning

The large agitator arms coming off the center pole are part of the clarifier unit. Agitator arms are used to trowel the grout to the correct height and the correct slope of the clarifier. Once in use, the agitator moves around the bottom of the clarifier, keeping the bottom ash moving and preventing collection of solids on the bottom.

The finished product, the second image, shows the 4,000-pound PSI grout with a smooth finish.



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