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USA Silo Service, Inc. / Silo Cleaning Specialists

A Solid Record of Integrity, Expertise and Customer Satisfaction

Tim Thieman, USA Silo Service
Tim Thieman
USA Silo founder Tim Thieman has spent more than 30 years developing efficient and effective methods of silo build-up assessment, evaluation, cleaning, debris removal, site safety and project management practices.

For almost three decades, USA Silo Service has been a solid industrial silo cleaning/bulk storage clean-out company in the United States. Throughout the industries that we service, our company is consistently utilized. Our clients know that we will strive to deliver quality service, economical pricing and quick mobilization. USA Silo Service delivers results that meet your specific expectations without cutting corners. It is this approach that has earned us a positive reputation. We work hard to maintain a reputation of respect within the Silo Cleaning and Bin Cleaning Industries.

Our Silo Cleaning Company

  • Top industry professionals
  • Founded in 1989, one of America's most trusted industrial silo cleaning companies
  • Headquartered in Marietta, Ohio with rapid fleet deployment nationwide
  • Financially solid with excellent potential for continued growth
  • Over 80% of work from repeat clients
  • Experienced across North America and Canada

Our Silo Cleaning / Bin Cleaning Markets

Carbon Black
Clinker Gypsum
Fly Ash
Foundry Sand
Grain Products
Palletized Fly Ash
Soda Ash
And Many More

Our Industrial Maintenance Future

  • Strategic growth built upon a solid foundation
  • Maintaining quality services at a cost-efficient price
  • Continued work environment advancement empowering employees to be the best in the business
  • Committed to a proactive safety program with a focus on total project safety
  • Foster strong relationships of trust with our clients
  • Develop new value-added services for our clients by incorporating the latest technological advancements into our business processes

Meeting expectations

We know that your time is your most valuable resource. That's why we aim never to waste it. Your time should never be spent worrying about another professional doing their job correctly.

When you contract USA Silo Service for your silo cleaning and silo maintenance needs, you can be sure you are receiving service that will meet and exceed all your expectations.

Our goals for meeting your expectations:

  • Retain a quick response time for all inquiries
  • Properly assess the problem and craft a cost-efficient solution
  • Prioritize thorough and open communication throughout the entire project
  • Ensure that proper procedures and equipment are being used across all platforms
  • Guarantee optimum safety for your complex, your materials and all personnel
  • Operate quickly and efficiently for the least amount of downtime possible
  • Promise continual improvement and innovation in all industrial silo care procedures