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Silo Maintenance

Our ultimate goal is to provide maintenance services that can prevent emergency repairs in the first place.

Proper care of your silo improves the useable life and can minimize big-ticket repair and cleaning costs. When we visit your facility, our expert technicians assess all aspects of your industrial silos or bins. Then, we give you recommendations for further protection and suggest preventive measures to eliminate costly repairs in the future. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and repair, keeps your silo efficient and limits potential liabilities.
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Air Pad Diffusers   Air Stones   Air Slides

When it comes to keeping a silo clean and running efficiently between professional cleanings, the facility must be proactive with preventive maintenance. Proper care of your silo can improve the usable life and prevent big-ticket repair and cleaning costs. While silo inspection is the first step, following through with the necessary maintenance is the only way to avoid emergencies. For example, if material flow is off, damage could occur to the silo structure. When silos are empty as part of a planned cleaning and inspection, fluidizing equipment can be checked to ensure optimal material flow.
Fluidizing equipment, such as air pad diffusers, air stone, or air slides, helps improve material flow for stored dry solids. Gentle vibration from fluidizing equipment helps keep materials flowing and prevent production delays. Air pads help air circulate through the silo while correct its flow patterns, and air slides rely on gravity to help improve material flow. Silo design and stored material can impact the type of fluidizing equipment best suited to your needs and where the equipment should be installed.
Dry materials such as fly ash, cement, and lime, are more prone to flow issues and, therefore, often benefit from fluidizing equipment.
The uniform flow of materials within your silo promotes optimal health. If your airflow units or fluidizing equipment shows signs of wear, USA Silos can quickly improve or replace them to get your silo or storage dome efficiency back where it needs to be. Whether you need a simple fabric change on existing diffusers or air slides, or you need a complete replacement of an air stone, we will ensure the uniform flow and discharge of materials, preventing any issues of blockage or compacting.
We consider all aspects of your situation, including the type of materials stored, the condition of your silo and the difficulties you may be facing to determine the best course of action for your airflow needs.


Our roof-top and exterior wall coating provides thorough and resilient protection that corrects a variety of silo problems.
USA Silo Service uses a rubber coating that is thermally stable and has a high tolerance for both hot and cold weather extremes. It resists cracking and peeling due to ozone and ultraviolet exposure.
It can be used for roof surfaces or steel bolted silo joints to offer excellent protection against oxidation, humidity and corrosive environments. The rubberized coating also exhibits excellent resistance to alkali, salts, abrasions and acid fumes. Our roof-top and silo coating reduces costly reapplications of surface protectants. It can be applied to many surfaces, such as metal buildings and roofs, modified bur roofs, grain silos and bins, silo exterior walls, single ply roofs, urethane foam roofs, and steel bolted joints.

USA Silos Coating Benefits:

  • NOT a floating membrane
  • Vibration and movement resistant
  • Excellent in sealing cracks, laps, fasteners and penetrations on roof surfaces
  • Withstands the expansion and contraction encountered at seams, joints and penetrations on roof surfaces
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Bonds to concrete and steel

Silo Coating Colors

Download our list of available colors. Please note, colors are approximate and will vary among different monitor resolutions and settings.


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