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Posted by Dennis Blauser, April 23, 2024
Getting ready to start a silo construction project? While cost might be one of the first considerations that comes to mind, bidding out your silo construction project isn’t as simple as going with the lowest quote. Numerous factors, including construction material and silo construction methods, can cause silo construction costs to vary. But these factors can also have a big impact on the performance of your silo and its longevity.
Before starting a silo construction project, it's crucial to work with an experienced silo engineering company. The goal of any silo construction project is to ensure your silo continues meeting your bulk storage needs for decades to come. Working with an experienced silo engineering company can help ensure a smooth project from start to finish and is the best way to ensure your project budget is optimized.
When trying to determine silo construction costs, long-term maintenance and inspection expenses should be considered as well. Regardless of the construction material used, all silos require routine maintenance and inspection to ensure safety and longevity. Regular inspections can prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety by identifying potential structural issues.
Read Marietta Silos’ latest blog to learn more about silo construction costs to consider or schedule an inspection of your existing silo structure.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, June 13, 2023
What is silo engineering?
Silo engineering takes into consideration numerous elements to ensure the structural integrity of a silo design. The storage capacity you need helps determine the correct silo size, though other factors, including the seismic probability of your location, are also considered.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, November 10, 2022
Storage silos, bins, and silo buildings fail at a higher rate than almost any other form of industrial equipment. That's because silo failure can include minimal events that do not cause safety concerns and catastrophic events where the silo and stored material are lost, neighboring structures are damaged, and serious injuries or death occur. To help ensure your silo can withstand daily stresses from stored materials and adverse weather, selecting the most durable silo construction material is essential.
Both steel and concrete silos are commonly used in industry to store ash, coal, lime, aggregate and more. Yet there is a clear winner when it comes to the durability of steel versus concrete for silo construction. Steel structures are notoriously susceptible to costly corrosion issues, especially with corrosive or moist stored materials. They are also highly susceptible to catastrophic failure from extreme weather conditions, including high winds. Concrete silos are favored over steel silos because they can withstand various harsh weather conditions and pressures that would cause steel silos to buckle. Concrete silo construction also provides better corrosion resistance, including corrosion of internal walls due to the stored bulk solid and external corrosion caused by moisture.
Concrete offers numerous advantages over steel in silo design and construction, resulting in minimal maintenance to sustain overall function and safety. However, all silos, regardless of construction material, are still susceptible to deterioration and wear due to environmental conditions and structural stress from normal usage. Periodic inspections can locate areas of concern and prevent issues, such as wall failure, cracking, and structural deterioration, that could lead to workplace injuries or deaths. Silo failure can happen for a number of reasons that are often preventable and easily corrected if caught early. A proactive inspection program can safeguard your team members and ensure your structures' safety and continued operation.
Ready to move forward with the construction of a new silo? Learn how to choose a silo contractor or schedule an inspection of your existing structure.

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