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Posted by Dennis Blauser, May 21, 2024
Maintaining your concrete storage dome’s functionality is essential for keeping production running smoothly. Without regular professional dome cleaning, issues like restricted airflow and caked-on stored material can significantly reduce your dome's efficiency and lead to costly downtime.
Professional cleaning services use specialized techniques and equipment to thoroughly clean and remove hardened material from dome walls, restoring them to their original condition. This ensures optimal airflow, prevents blockages, and allows for efficient material flow and uniform material discharge, maximizing your dome's storage capacity and overall productivity.
In addition to cleaning dome walls, professional services should include regular, professional inspections and maintenance of fluidizing equipment such as air pads. Worn or defective air pads can hinder the proper fluidization and discharge of stored material. Replacing or repairing these components as necessary ensures the continued reliability and effectiveness of your dome's fluidizing system, minimizing the risk of unplanned interruptions and production losses.
Schedule Your Dome Cleaning Service
USA Silo Service provides expert concrete storage dome cleaning services in addition to dome inspection and maintenance services.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, March 8, 2024
Routine cleaning of bulk storage vessels like bins, silos, and domes is one of the best ways that cement plants, cement and concrete batching plants, manufacturing facilities, and others can prevent unplanned downtime. Though regularly emptying your cement silo can help prevent impaction, material buildup on interior walls, blockages, and other material flow issues can still impact your production schedule.
How do you unclog a silo?
It's no surprise that stored cement can adhere to silo and dome walls or create blockages that reduce storage capacity and impede material flow. This is especially true if any amount of moisture penetrates your bulk storage vessel. When trying to unclog a silo or otherwise restore live capacity, it's essential to put safety first. Trying to use untrained, inhouse laborers to unclog a silo can damage silo walls.
How do you clean a cement silo?
Keeping your silos clean is crucial to avoid potential blockages. Without regular professional silo cleanings, stored material accumulates on interior walls over time and reduces stored capacity. Material buildup can also result in material flow issues that can damage the structure and cause unplanned downtime. There are many effective and safe methods for cleaning silos. To get the most for your money, it's important to consider the best cleaning method carefully before selecting a silo cleaning company.
After nearly thirty years in the silo cleaning business, we've seen how important it is to use the most powerful silo cleaning method available to save time and money on silo cleanings. USA Silo Service uses an enhanced pneumatic cleaning method with our proprietary cleanout head, The Boss™ to ensure safe, fast, and thorough silo cleaning. Our silo cleaning solution is 2/3 more powerful than conventional cleaning methods. In addition, since The Boss moves more material per hour, our system delivers optimal cleaning quickly and correctly, resulting in less downtime and production loss, ultimately saving you money.
What maintenance should be done during cement silo and dome cleaning?
During professional silo and dome cleaning, it is important to ensure airflow systems and fluidizing equipment is inspected and any necessary maintenance is completed.
Air pads and other fluidizing equipment may also need to be restored or replaced if there are signs of corrosion or defects affecting their usability. These common silo problems can cause shifts in the production schedule that greatly impact the bottom line.
Professional Silo and Dome Cleaning You Can Trust
Cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining your cement silo is one of the best ways to improve your cement plant operations. A clean, well-maintained silo not only helps you stick to production schedules and yield maximum production, it also helps you ensure the quality of your product and protect employee safety.
USA Silo Service is your go-to silo cleaning company for expert silo cleaning. Our team of experts is equipped with the industry's best silo cleaning techniques and proprietary equipment, so the job is done quickly and correctly. No matter your silo type or stored material, we leave your silo and your facility cleaner than when we found it.
The Boss silo cleaning machine and USA Silo Service can help you return to a regular silo cleaning schedule to maximize efficiency, production, and safety. Schedule your next silo cleaning today.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, February 22, 2024
Preventing Slowdowns with Silo Cleanings
Silo cleaning is often overlooked, but it plays a critical role in maintaining production schedules, product quality, and employee safety. Regular silo cleanings can prevent costly slowdowns and ensure your facility operates at maximum efficiency. When silos are not properly cleaned, it can lead to material buildup, which can obstruct the flow of product and cause slowdowns in production. This can have a significant impact on your bottom line, as even a small amount of downtime can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, clogged silos can create a safety hazard for workers.
Silo cleaning is best left to the professionals and should never be attempted by unskilled workers. When silo cleaning is done in-house it can lead to serious injury, loss of life, or damage to the silo structure. To avoid these potential problems, it is important to have your silos cleaned regularly by a professional silo cleaning company. Therefore, it is important to have your silos cleaned regularly by a professional silo cleaning company to prevent these potential problems.
Enter The Boss™: A Silo Cleaning Revolution
USA Silo Service uses an enhanced pneumatic cleaning method which is 55% more powerful than conventional pneumatic systems. Combined with the proprietary silo cleaning system The Boss, our silo cleaning methods deliver maximum cleaning efficiency in a safe environment. The Boss gets the job done fast, so you can get back to business as usual. Minimizing downtime without cutting cleaning efficiency helps deliver cost savings to the customer.
The Boss is a revolutionary silo-cleaning machine that uses more power to clean silos more thoroughly and efficiently. Faster silo cleaning means less downtime for facility managers. With its enhanced cleaning capabilities, The Boss significantly reduces downtime for facility managers, allowing them to maintain production schedules and achieve maximum productivity. USA Silo Services’ silo cleaning marvel is designed for speed and efficiency, ensuring a swift completion of the cleaning process so that operations can resume promptly.
As a full-service silo company, we can handle all of your silo needs under one purchase order. Schedule your next silo cleaning today. The Boss silo cleaning machine and USA Silo Service can help you return to a regular silo cleaning schedule to maximize efficiency, production, and safety.

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