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Posted by Dennis Blauser, November 29, 2023
Some seasons are busier than others regardless of the industry. Take advantage of a lighter production schedule by booking your next silo coating.
Applying a protective exterior coating to concrete silos, silo roofs, and steel bins is an excellent way to maintain structures. When applied preventively, coatings can fix minor issues like cracks and corrosion of galvanized steel hoops. Industrial coatings used for silos and bins can be painted on or sprayed and come in different varieties, including polyurethanes, acrylics, or epoxies. The most durable coatings are a mix of one or more of these components and are designed to bond directly to the surface.
Industrial coatings or paints used for silo exteriors should extend a silo or bin's usable life. The coating should be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic necessary on roofs. It should also tolerate harsh environmental conditions and provide thermal stability, UV protection, and resistance to acids, alkalis, and salt.
Coatings should provide excellent waterproofing and tolerate pooling water typical of a flat roof surface. Water resistance before and after drying should also be considered. Throughout the year, silo surfaces expand during warmer temperatures and contract when cooled. High-elasticity coatings can easily tolerate this normal expansion and contraction throughout the year without cracking or peeling.
Roof-top coatings should fully adhere to the surface material, not act as a floating membrane. The smallest hole in a non-bonded, floating membrane allows water to pass throughout the entire silo's surface. This water becomes trapped between the roof membrane and the top of the slab or travels down silo walls. In times of frost and thaws, trapped water expands and contracts, causing unseen, yet detrimental damage. This unseen damage can lead to unexpected safety issues despite regular inspections.
The most effective, monolithic barrier against moisture is the rubberized coating offered by USA Silo Services. Our rubberized coating bonds directly to various surfaces to repair cracks and seal penetrations, laps, and fasteners. Rubberized coatings have a high elasticity coefficient that moves with silo vibration caused by roof-mounted equipment or loading and unloading.
Our rubber coating reduces costly reapplications of surface protectants and can be applied to many surfaces. As a silo roof coating, our rubber coating can fix both metal silo roofs and concrete silo roofs. In addition, our silo roof-top coating has the flexibility to maintain its integrity through the changing seasons and protects against oxidation, humidity, and corrosive environments.
Our roof-top silo coating method is a proven industrial roof coating system that keeps elements out and stored materials dry.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, July 25, 2023
The best way to guarantee the stability and ongoing performance of your silo is to take preventative measures, including regular inspections and maintenance.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, April 18, 2023
Addressing Silo Emergencies
From unplanned downtime and lost revenue to silo failure and loss of life, the consequences can be dire when emergency silo issues arise. Without routine silo inspections, silo repair emergencies and structural failures can seem like they came out of nowhere. Failing to complete preventive maintenance is a leading cause of costly, dangerous silo failure. Addressing minor issues as soon as they arise helps keep the costs of silo ownership low as major repairs, emergencies, and structural failures are more expensive up front, take longer to correct, and inevitably result in unplanned downtime.
When emergency silo issues arise, Marietta Silos' team acts quickly to offer emergency services that meet all of your silo needs. Our experts have the experience and expertise to fix your silo problems for good.
Preventing Silo Emergencies
Though many silo emergencies can be fixed, the best way to protect workers and keep costs low is to prevent silo emergencies from happening in the first place. Regular maintenance and silo inspections are necessary to ensure that silos remain in good working condition and that any issues can be identified and addressed before they become larger problems.
Scheduling routine maintenance during temperate times of the year can help you reduce expenses by catching and addressing problems early and reducing downtime. Times of the year with mild weather, like the spring and fall, tend to provide better working conditions for various silo repairs. These ideal weather conditions can make a repair or restoration go more quickly – reducing the cost of labor and your downtime.
Contact us to schedule your next silo repair, restoration, or inspection.

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